Major: Cannabis Coin Wallet Updates and Changes

Upcoming changes will be made to increase hash and security for the CannabisCoin blockchain.  


Mandatory Update CannabisCoin will be announced when released.


Two new CannabisCoin Seeders servers have been added (Done)



Inflation model will be fixed, halving happened prematurely resulting in almost zero block reward and low network hash power. Model will be the same as Bitcoin in that the reward will halve when half the remaining coin supply is reached roughly every four years. For CannabisCoin’s supply of 420 million coins and Bitcoin’s inflation model the original reward should have been 70 coins per block. The reward will be set to 70 coins after the hard fork and the first halving will be at block 3, 969,725 and then every subsequent 3 million blocks.

CannabisCoins (CANN)



Mining Rewards will be set at 70 CannabisCoins (CANN) per block starting at Block 2,282,000.



Block halving will be at block 3,969,725 and then every 3 million blocks after.



Windows, Mac, and Android Wallets will be updated and compiled to the listed specs.  For linux you can use OpenSUSE to compile different distros from source.


Coinbase Maturity:

Coinbase_maturity  will be increased from 30 to 100, this is the number of confirmations required before newly minted coins can be spent.


Other features:

Checkpointing will be enabled to protect the blockchain history

CAlerts is enabled for future use to notify clients of future updates

Updated seeder software for automatic connectivity

Github Source will be updated to the latest.